Gurkha Regiment

The hotel is owned by a former Gurhka, but what is a Gurkha and the Gurkha Regiment?………….

The day any Gurkha soldier takes the oath of loyalty to the British Sovereign, by placing his hand on the Queen’s Truncheon and the Union flag, is a very special day for him.

As a Gurkha, he assumes a responsibility and allegiance to a foreign state that is quite unique: from that day on, he will always consider himself to be British. This ceremony itself has changed little in almost two hundred years and the sacrifice, loyalty and devotion to their duty for Britain is now a matter of both history and common knowledge.

Today the Gurkha’s are frequently called “the bravest of the brave” and are remembered as the most fearless warriors in the world. On 3 November 1997 a statue was erected outside the Ministry of Defence Building in Whitehall in honour of all Gurkha soldiers. Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II unveiled the following inscription: “Bravest of the brave

Most generous of the generous, never has a country more faithful friends than you

gurkha regiment

“Wherever and whenever required, Gurkha soldiers will play their part for Britain in accordance with their traditions of loyalty, gallantry and devotion. The Gurkhas are the most highly prized soldiers and the most famous fighting force in the British Army. They are known all over the world for their valour and loyalty. Upon retirement from the Gurkha Regiment in the British Army I established the Gurkha Hotel, Restaurant and Bar with a view to introducing Nepalese culture and Oriental dishes to Blackpool enjoy the food and have a great stay!”   Dill

The following short You Tube video explains a little about the values and role of the Gurkha Regiment and the role of these British Soldiers: